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Mythicarium is more than a game, it's an experience.

Delivering a sustainable ecosystem of entertainment integrating gameplay, balance, collectability and education.

1. BALANCED: Mythicarium™ has undergone three years of testing and accommodations; review of game-breaking combinations, deck building restrictions,and is backed by a solid card construction algorithm.


2. ENTERTAINING: All Mythicarium™ games are different, they all pose challenges and rich strategic problems to solve to achieve victory. The gaming experience is fluid and the degree of complexity varies, to suit all players. The great variety of classes and their possible combinations allows a constant renewal of the players' game strategies, with almost unlimited content.


3. ACCESSIBLE: Mythicarium™ will be available in all the countries we can reach, with affordable prices, without providing gaming advantages for more expensive products, only aesthetic variations. Our reprint policy works for a healthy coexistence between collectors and players.


4. INTUITIVE: A game can be played without the need to periodically consult the rule book. The rules are easy to understand, the cards themselves are selfexplanatory, with clearly written rule texts, minimal use of iconography or keywords that require more knowledge.


5. INNOVATIVE: Mythicarium™ makes its niche among the other TCGs by incorporating a different game system, mixing some of the classic mechanics of the best TCGs of our time with key elements of role-playing games (RPG). It offers a unique graphic style with vivid colors.


6. COMPETITIVE: Mythicarium™ is by nature a highly competitive game due to its construction. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master. We plan to build game networks for players to face the great variability of decks that will be built around the world and unleash epic battles.


7. COLLECTABLE: All of its components are meticulously designed and beautifully created by our team of professional artists. Each card has a utility, a story, a unique design, and a value. Both the opened and the sealed product will be a collector's item thanks to our reprint policies.

8. TRANSPARENT: We will keep in constant communication with our community and we will respect our printing and reprint policies established from the beginning of our project.


9. EDUCATIONAL: With Mythicarium™, we will exercise our minds with logical and mathematical operations, we will learn about ancient civilizations and their stories and we will encourage creativity, imagination and socialization amongst players.

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