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Unit: A card that stays in the battlefield until something destroys it (sends it to the graveyard); gets knocked out; it’s sent to Oblivion; or taken out of the game.

Experience Points (XP): Points that can be spent playing different cards and abilities.


Victory Points (VP): Can be gained from unblocked damage, completing campaigns or from other more rare methods.


Damage Points (DP): Amount of wounds dealt by a card. When damage is not blocked, it becomes VP for the attacking player.


Health Points (HP): Amount of wounds that can be resisted before being destroyed or knocked out.


Action: Anything that a player declares they will do is an action and all actions can have responses.


Ready and Exhausted: The unit must be readied to be exhausted, in order to attack. In general, units must be exhausted to carry out the effects of their abilities. An exhausted unit cannot be exhausted again unless made ready by an ability.


Exhaustion can be represented by turning the card to the left horizontally. Only readied units can block attacks. Allies and Minions can only be exhausted if they have completed 1 turn under the control of the controlling player.


Destroy: Action of placing a non-Champion card from the battlefield into the graveyard.

Knocked Down: Champions cannot be destroyed. Instead, they cease to function and the card is placed upside down, as shown.


Sacrifice: Certain abilities allow this action. Corresponds to the voluntary destruction of any unit. 

Dump: Action of placing a card directly from the deck to the graveyard.


Discard: Action of placing a card directly from the hand to the graveyard.

Retrieve: Action of placing a card directly from the battlefield to the hand.

Recover: Action of shuffling a card directly from the graveyard to the deck.

Resurrect: A word used to refer to returning a card to the game that has been destroyed or downed.

Suffer: Word used to refer a to card taking damage counters or “wounds” or being affected by a “condition”.

Curse: Legend card that can be attached to the target Champion, Ally, or Minion and generally has negative effects on that unit or its controller.

Enchantment: Legend card that can be attached to the target Champion, Ally, or Minion and generally has positive effects on that unit or its controller.

Ability: Text contained in the card that indicates an effect. If the effect is continuous, it is a passive ability. However, if the ability indicates that, in order to do its effect, something must be paid, such as exhaustion, it is considered an active ability.

Durability: Some equipment in Mythicarium has Durability points. When the Durability points reach zero, the equipment must be destroyed. These points can be tracked as if they were counters. Each time the equipment's ability becomes effective or the equipment becomes exhausted, one point of durability must be subtracted.

Unblockable: It cannot be blocked.

Disable: Whatever target has been disabled, be it an ability or straight up a card, is completely useless until the time indicated by the ability that disabled it has expired. If an ally is disabled, it cannot be used in any way. However, it can still be targeted, is still in play, etc. If for any reason, the card does not states time, it must be assumed to be until the end of turn.

Withstand: It is used to refer to the fact that the target can withstand some type of specific damage (for example, withstand Magical Damage). Withstand means you can block that type of damage, but you can't deal damage back.

Berserk: Passive ability which allows that Champion, Ally or Minion to assign its damage before anyone else and immediately make effective any death resulting from its attack. If two Berserks face off, the ability is ignored.

Double Assault: Corresponds to a passive ability that allows a Champion, Ally or Minion to attack twice in the same turn as long as it survives the first attack. In order to carry out the second attack, a second attack and defense stage is generated after the resolution stage.

Lightning: Corresponds to a passive ability that allows the unit to be played at any time during your turn or on the opponent's turn in response to an action. If it was played during the combat stage, it will not take part in the combat unless it is explicit in the card itself.

Critical Hit: Corresponds to a passive ability that grants the target the possibility of doubling the damage of its attack if, when rolling the 6-sided dice, it achieves a score equal to 6. Critical hit happens during the damage assignment.

Celerity: Allows the unit to be exhausted as soon as it enters the battlefield.

Current HP: The total health points the target has at that time.

Total HP: The total life points indicated on the card (plus bonus). If the word "Current" or "Total" is not mentioned, It should be assumed that it refers to the "Total HP".



1. When a card's ability states: shuffle it into the deck; destroy it; return it to the hand; and it does not indicate where the target card comes from (zone from the battlefield) it is assumed to be a card in play, from your line of defense, equipment or realms zone.

2. If a card says "and/or" it means it can be one or the other, or it can be one of each.

3. When an ability mentions the word "1d6", it refers to rolling a 6-sided die.

4. If the card doesn't specify where the target should be chosen from, it's assumed to be one you own.

5. Whenever any quantity is cut in half, it must be rounded DOWN.

6. If a card that is not controlled by its owner is sent to another play zone such as the hand, graveyard, oblivion, or the deck, these must be its owner's zones (unless the card says otherwise).

7. When the Durability points of an Equipments is 0, it must be sacrificed.

8. If a card says "Gain..." or "Lose..." it should be understood as the target of the player who controls it, not the player who owns it.

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