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To begin, players must choose 3 champions to build a deck around them and their own classes.

Decks are built of cards representing magical artifacts, weapons and armor, legends of the world, allied creatures, minions, realms, and campaigns. If your strategy is well-planned, these cards will work synergistically and lead you to victory.

Combat is essential to achieve victory. Your champions, allies, and minions will fight under your command against your opponent’s forces. Every time you attack, all unblocked damage points will become victory points.

Each turn has a structure, based in phases. During each phase, you can do certain actions, including playing cards. However, playing them has a cost: you must use experience points. These points are earned every turn from your champions, destroying opposing allies and minions, or completing campaign objectives.

The player who defeats the three opposing champions, or the first to collect 20 victory points, wins the game. A player with no more cards to draw loses the game.​​

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