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Deckbuilding update

Dear friends, how are you doing?

Hoping you're all doing well, we want to let you know that we've decided to make some changes to the deckbuilding rules. This, in order to achieve a better general balance of the game and a more comprehensive experience.

It has been decided to offer two ways of building decks. The first and the default way is to create decks of 50 cards in total, made up of 3 Champions and 47 other support cards, which must be a maximum of 25 CO, 20 UN and 10 RA. You cannot have more than one copy of each card in the deck. However, this rule will be temporarily changed due to the fact that there are only 482 cards in the Mythicarium universe. When there are more, we will reverse this modification.

The second way of building decks corresponds to the extended way, where you can have up to 60 cards in total including 25 CO, 25 UN and 15 RA.

Starter decks will be built using the default rules and will include up to 2 copies of their cards.

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