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Once upon a time...

A few years ago, I started the Mythicarium project. I spent hours trying to match numbers, stats, designing card ability mechanics, resource sources, generating a card production algorithm, an evaluation method, class balancing, etc...

My wife Carolina never liked to play cards. Collect? absolutely. Play? No. When she saw me working in Mythicarium, something piqued her curiosity and she asked me to play a game. And it pleased her. First time seeing my wife enjoying a game of cards. And that gave me the impetus to bring the subject to other people I trust.

Next week, in a bench outside the place where I worked, we got together to talk with my friend Carlos like any other day. And I mentioned Mythicarium to him. It fascinated him. Days later we played at his place and he liked it even more. Then I told my friend Catalina and the same thing happened. And they decided to support me. Then my brother Douglas, my friend Marcel and several other friends got on this ship to conquer unknown lands. Today, the group is consolidated as a true team. Today we are the "fellowship of the ring", united by love, the will for doing things well and a clear goal: for Mythicarium to take its place as one of the best TCGs.

I take this opportunity to thank our three main artists who helped us countless times: Armando Abeleda, Ryan Orosco and Graham Sisk.

I couldn't have gotten this far without my team. I publicly thank all of them and give them these exclusive cards. These cards have alternate art, where the original character is replaced by a member of the team. Also, instead of having the ALT prefix, these have the EX prefix (EXclusive) as part of a very limited set that will be delivered to each of the referrals.

On this path of Mythicarium, I have met wonderful people. And although not all of them are in these cards, they are in my heart. And eventually, all of them will be on their own card. Because Mythicarium is what it is thanks to the great and small efforts that each one put into it.

And just as I acknowledge my team, I take this opportunity to thank you too. Yes, you! Our audience and future collectors and players for believing in Mythicarium. We will not disappoint you, count on it.

If you want to know more about this excellent people, click here.

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