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Very first printings

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Dear community: Along with greeting you and thanking you again for your support, we comment you the following: Walker Games LLC. So far, it has printed around 2500 cards for playtesting without definitive art (drafts), which were recurrently used by our team to carry out multiple games and test adjustments. In addition, around 500 cards were printed for quality control and color/visual checking. Most of them were destroyed or given away. As of today, Walker Games LLC. announces that it will print 10 copies of 4 limited sets of "sample decks" called "Deck A, B, C and D", each containing 55 cards. These decks have a distinctive back. These decks will be printed for various purposes. Additionally, 9 complete limited editions of the 2022 Base Set will be printed for each of the founding members of Walker Games LLC. These editions have a distinctive back and will not have holo layers. An additional 1 complete limited edition of the 2022 Base Set will be printed for the CEO of Walker Games, also with a distinctive back. These editions are part of a recognition of teamwork. A limited set of 9 commemorative cards will also be printed (one set for each founding member). These sets are part of a recognition of teamwork. We have made this announcement so that our followers know the total number of cards in circulation and to keep our promise of transparency. Bye! Until next announcement!

Updated 19-09-2022

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