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We are pleased to present you Mythicarium, the adventure card game!

Mythicarium Adventure Card Game is a cooperative collectable card game for 1 to 4 players.


Each player assumes the role of a character through "Character-decks" which can be fully customized.


Each character has a class that allows them to fulfill specific roles within the team.


The players embark on an adventure, which is represented by the many challenges contained in the "Adventure-deck", from which everyone will have the possibility of revealing cards and facing whatever it entails, together.


The content of the Adventure-deck is also completely customizable, allowing you to create your own adventures... or go full random! In addition, players will need to go through  different locations, represented by the "Scenario-deck" which can also be customized.


The objective of the game is to overcome the challenges, looting gold and treasures, defeating legendary enemies, or simply surviving the entire journey.

Learn more about this new exciting experience!

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