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The Battlefield is known as the layout of the game board with several designated areas or piles:

  • Deck Zone: Area where the player's deck is located.


  • Graveyard: Pile for all of the cards that have been destroyed, disposed or discarded.


  • Oblivion: Pile for all of the cards that have been removed from the game, due to some effect. A card that has been sent to Oblivion CANNOT be reintegrated into the game instance by any method (unless a cards states otherwise).


  • Defensive line: Area where the player's Champion, Ally and Minion cards are located.


  • Equipment: Area where any Equipment carried by the adjacent Champion is located.

  • Realms: Area where the Realm cards are placed.

  • Campaign: Zone where the player's active Campaign is placed (1 at a time).

  • XP Pool: Area where the player places all the available XP counters.

  • Hand: Not considered part of the battlefield and has a limit of 8 cards (unless an effect of a card indicates otherwise). If the player has more than 8 cards in their hand, at the end of the turn they must choose cards to discard until they only hold 8 cards.

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